Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jacket-Dorothy Perkins// Shorts-Topshop// Shoes-New Look// Jumper-H&M// Roll Neck-eBay//Necklace-New Look

I've finally finished most of my deadlines and will soon be free to enjoy my Christmas break!
 Well in all fairness I do only get like a week off for Christmas because of work but still that's better than nothing right?! 

So we had our house-mate family Christmas last night, we cooked the works and all gave our christmas presents to each other, it was SO cute! 
One of many of the goodies I was given for from my house mate Chanel was this Cross Necklace, she said it was a replacement for my old one which unfortunately took a little dip in the toilet..  haha WHOOPS. 

I went Christmas shopping today just to get a few more bits for my friends and this is what I wore.
 I really need to get a roll neck jumper, but in the mean time I'm improvising by just wearing my crop roll neck i'd got from eBay and wacked it under a jumper.. Kinda the same thing right?

Anyway I'm off out tonight to celebrate handing in all our work and I'm sure you'll be graced with some OOTN pictures tomorrow :)