Wednesday, 30 November 2011


So seeing as I've been away for a long time I think I'd better fill you in on what I've been up to since being in Brighton.. 
to be honest me and my house mates couldn't have had a better start to the living in Brighton, as in our first week my house mates and i were lucky enough to be invited to an fashion event hosted by Peroni where we met Gianluca Longa, style director for the London evening standards magazine and basically drank our weight in Peroni.. It was an amazing evening! 

It's been FAR TOO LONG

Oh my, I've been away from this for quite a while, but I think it's finally time to get back on track!

So so so much has happened since my last post! For a starters I've moved down to Brighton and I've started my Fashion Promotion course.
At first I had mixed emotions about the course and place as everything seemed SO unorganised! But now after settling in and getting into the swing of things I really like the course, I think I made a good choice about coming here! 
(especially lovin' all the new people I've met!) 

Friendddds, uni friends.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Age smage!

I was just looking through a few old holiday pictures from Ibiza last year, and I came across this beauty of a shot!
I have so much LOVE for this photograph!

Just goes to show fashion has no age limit!

It's been a while..

since I've actually done another post.. whoops! I've literally been working full time last week and this week to save up some money for uni, as I figure I probably won't be able to survive on the £4.97 I have in my savings account at the moment.. Ha double whoops! 

Anywayyy, here's a little post to show you what I wore today. In all fairness I didn't actually do that much today. As I had the day off, I just did some uni work and went to see my friend who has recently had a baby.. He's literally the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! :)

I was rather unadventurous and casual today.. I'm wearing a printed top from (surprise surprise) H&M tucked into, a pair of navy blue trousers from Topshop, a plain brown skinny belt from Primark and a mini satchel from Newlook. I do like this outfit as I feel it's a good "doing nothing" type of outfit, very laid back and comfy.

As you can't see my shoes in the other picture I've taken a picture of them because to be honest I do really like the cute little things! I got them quite a while ago from the Accessorize sale from £25 down to £5 what a BARGIN!

Don't quite know what's gone on with the picture aswell..

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Street/Night Style

So last night I went out with a couple friends. As I already knew I was going to a pretty diverse place I decided it would be an interesting idea to take my camera, this way I could take pictures of various different people with their own unique street/night style. After a bit of dutch courage I eventually went up to some people walking on the street, and asked them about their outfits.

The first girl I approached was wearing a red silk, patterned top from Motel, tucked into a pair of blue and white striped shorts she got from Topshop. I really like the outfit as a whole as it's not something I would usually put together myself, although it really does work! I also feel that with the large, light brown belt it really brings the separate garments together to make the outfit complete. She definitely wears it well!

The next person I approached was a guy, he was dressed in quite a casual, slouchy way, yet in some bazaar way it still looked smart. He's wearing a Levi's denim shirt along with a pair of dark grey trousers and a pair of navy blue loafers, both of which he got from Topman.

LOVE this.

So very true, and such a cute picture.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Is it suppose to look like a lampshade?

Sunday nights are by far the most boring nights of the week! So here I am again writing yet another post..
I started trying to get some of my stuff sorted ready for my move to Brighton earlier on today. I began packing away my "final major" project I finished in June this year. I literally love love loved doing this project because we got to choose whatever subject we wanted to focus on. After two years of following specific briefs, i was free! After seeing an advertisement in Vogue on Mary Katrantzou's SS11 collection, I found inspiration to do my project on lighting.

With structure and prints heavily inspired by interior designs, Mary Katrantzou's Spring/Summer 11 collection gave out some of the most lavishly printed skirts and dresses. Looking deep into home ware, lampshades and beautifully designed windows.  

These were my final light (lamp shade) inspired outfits going down the catwalk at our end of year fashion show.


I'm off to my aunties BBQ tonight and seeing as it's actually a nice day (for once) this is what I'm wearing.. 
I've chosen to wear a rose printed skirt. This skirt was formally a pair of shorts from Primark, however they made me look quite frumpy so because of this I thought I would attempt to make them into a cute little skirt.. I feel it was mission accomplished to be honest!I've also chosen to match it with a brown leather belt from Topshop and a cropped denim jacket, which my sister passed down to me.

Plodding around in town

So a couple friends and I all went out last night to a couple bars in our area, no real reason to go out (not that I've EVER needed a reason) just an excuse to get dressed up and get drunk really.. Everyone knows what us students are like! Ha. Apologies for the poor camera quality by the way, I don't tend to take my decent camera out.. just incase!

My friend Jess wore this V neck, mesh Aztec print dress she got from Miss Selfridge. I LOVE this dress because of it's amazing use of colour, and the way it really compliments her figure. She's also going along with her bright coloured theme by wearing a pair of vibrant, blue feathered earrings she also got from Miss Selfridge.

Here my friend Polly is wearing a black sparkly, 3/4 lenght sleeve dress. She got from this from Newlook. She's also matched it with a simple circular gold pendant from topshop.

This was actually one of the best nights out in a LONNNG time!  
I love my friends!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Never too early for knits!

This is what I'm wearing to work tonight.
I've got on a plain, black boob tube from Miss Selfridge, a pair of skinny navy jeans from Topshop, and my new knitted cardigan from H&M. We may well still be August, but it's not like we ever get a hot summer here in England, so I've got no excuse not to wear knits really do I?!


Sooo it's payday for me today.. FINALLY! So yesterday I decided to spend all the money that remained in my bank account on clothes.. Whoops. Although the majority of the clothes I brought are from H&M and seeing as I work there it was all 25% off, so it's not all bad!


These are a couple things I brought.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dirty Sexy Things

Dita Von Teese by Perou
After watching Dirty Sexy Things religiously throughout the summer, I have become rather obsessed with the programme and the photographer Perou. I love how creative he is within fashion photography. It seems like it comes absolutely effortlessly to him.
Admittedly I've been absolutely rubbish with getting around to starting my summer project to create a blog for my new uni course.. which is starting in only a month's time! ( Ah exciting!)

This is what I wore to work yesterday. I'm wearing a stone coloured printed vest/tee, tucked into a lightbrown, bodycon skirt. Both peices of clothing from H&M. I love the lightbrown skirt as I feel it goes with almost anything I've got in my wardrobe! I've also added a thin platted belt from primark and some suede brogues from the newlook sale to my outfit.
Also please excuse my moody face, hopefully I'll get more smiley throughout my blog!

I also wore my 'Queen' necklace as my little sister calls it. I got this necklace ages ago from topshop, although I had removed bits of it, as it originally had a little heart and swallow attached to it as well. This is by far my favourite necklace at the moment.