Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's been a while..

since I've actually done another post.. whoops! I've literally been working full time last week and this week to save up some money for uni, as I figure I probably won't be able to survive on the £4.97 I have in my savings account at the moment.. Ha double whoops! 

Anywayyy, here's a little post to show you what I wore today. In all fairness I didn't actually do that much today. As I had the day off, I just did some uni work and went to see my friend who has recently had a baby.. He's literally the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! :)

I was rather unadventurous and casual today.. I'm wearing a printed top from (surprise surprise) H&M tucked into, a pair of navy blue trousers from Topshop, a plain brown skinny belt from Primark and a mini satchel from Newlook. I do like this outfit as I feel it's a good "doing nothing" type of outfit, very laid back and comfy.

As you can't see my shoes in the other picture I've taken a picture of them because to be honest I do really like the cute little things! I got them quite a while ago from the Accessorize sale from £25 down to £5 what a BARGIN!

Don't quite know what's gone on with the picture aswell..

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