Sunday, 21 August 2011

Plodding around in town

So a couple friends and I all went out last night to a couple bars in our area, no real reason to go out (not that I've EVER needed a reason) just an excuse to get dressed up and get drunk really.. Everyone knows what us students are like! Ha. Apologies for the poor camera quality by the way, I don't tend to take my decent camera out.. just incase!

My friend Jess wore this V neck, mesh Aztec print dress she got from Miss Selfridge. I LOVE this dress because of it's amazing use of colour, and the way it really compliments her figure. She's also going along with her bright coloured theme by wearing a pair of vibrant, blue feathered earrings she also got from Miss Selfridge.

Here my friend Polly is wearing a black sparkly, 3/4 lenght sleeve dress. She got from this from Newlook. She's also matched it with a simple circular gold pendant from topshop.

This was actually one of the best nights out in a LONNNG time!  
I love my friends!

My friends obviously love the fact I ask them to pose for me every single time I go out with them.. In all fairness they must think I'm a complete stalkatron! It's why they love me of course. Anyyyyway, Amber is wearing a polka dot Motel caged back top, tucked into a pair of high-wasted, dark denim shorts that she nicked from her friends wardrobe. I especially like the top amber has on here mainly because of how interesting the back is. It’s not often you see that the back is the main focus of the top and because of this, this is definitely one of my favourite tops in Amber's wardrobe!

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