Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Top-Newlook//Jacket-Dorothy Perkins//Maxi skirt - eBay//Necklace - Topshop// Fur stole - H&M 

 So I'm back in Bristol for a couple days as I've got Reading Week or as I found out a couple days ago, it's new and improved name is "Independent Study Week".. interesting little fact for all those who didn't know that! Haha.
Anyhooo, I've left my camera back in Brighton which is pretty annoying because using my iPhone makes it doubly as hard and twice as long if you have no one in the house to take a picture of you!
So that will explain the poo quality images, and the awkward poses I'm doing in the pictures haha.

As I'm only actually in Bristol for 3 days, I'm mainly spending time with my mum and dad, mainly because after having 5 nagging, messy kids in the house for over 27years we've all flown the nest meaning my parents now live in a clean, quiet house which I'm sure neither of them are use to at all! But yeah I've just decided to keep them busy with waiting on me hand and foot.. I WISH that were the case!
So me and the rents had planned to go out for a meal last night meaning I had to get ready and take a picture before it went dark.. I'd forgotten how early it actually got dark in the winter! I HATE it.

This is what a wore.. I think my new obsession is actually this faux fur stole from H&M, I seem to be wearing it A LOT recently! Definitely just gives an outfit much more of an autumnal/wintery look which I'm loving at the moment!

ALSO tonight I've decided to go to to Aqua Aerobics with my mum, she says when she went before she was the youngest one there, so this is going to be very interesting!  

Monday, 22 October 2012

Jumper - H&M//Coat - eBay//Leggings - Topshop//Bag - New Look//Faux fur stole - H&M//Necklace - Topshop//Shoes - New Look

So today I was actually suppose to be at home all day doing uni work that I've been putting off since about June but surprise, surprise my plan didn't exactly follow through. I'm fully aware of the ridiculous amounts of work i've go to do but I literally have no motivation for any uni work whats so ever!!

Soooo instead I ended up going into town yet again! I swear I either spend all of my time at home, uni or in town, which really doesn't do wonders for my bank balance! 
Although this time I was actually really good and didn't buy anything for myself.. actuallllly that is a lie I did get a footlong Subway, but STILL everything else was presents for one of my house mates.

ANYWHO, this is what I wore today. Seeing as I work on the mens section in H&M I see loads more mens clothing that women's which does actually result in me buying mens clothing. 
This green jumper I'm wearing today is actually a mens jumper but it I loved the colour and the baggy fit so I had to get it, plus it was only £7.99, which I personally think is pretty good for a sweater! 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins//Scarf - New Look//Dress - H&M//Tee - Topshop//Boots - H&M//Bag - New Look

For anybody who knows me, they'd know its a rare occasion that I would wear a skirt during the day time, so this is something special guys! 
I just felt like I needed a change from the same old leggings, jeans or shorts day in day out.

I will admit it is pretty hard to see my top because of the lighting in some of the pictures, apologies! However I am actually wearing a basic crop tee from Topshop over a plain black, skater dress I got from H&M, I'm basically passing it off as a skirt because lets be honest, at the end of the day they basically do the same thing...

Saturday, 13 October 2012

So I still haven't found my camera! :( I suppose that's the sort of thing that happens when you put it in a 'safe place'.
So unfortunately I've got a few more bad qualtiy images to show you guys!

Jumper - New look//Shorts - Topshop//Necklace - Accessorize 

So this is what I wore to work today. 
I've got to say I do love working in H&M for many reasons but one of the main ones is that I don't have to wear any sort of uniform, which I personally think is amazing for a retail job. I mean they would quite like you to wear H&M clothing but its not strict at all, you can even wear things that have gone into the sale which I know in many other stores is a big NO NO. In all fairness though working in a retail store such as H&M and getting discount does mean that the majority of my clothes come from there anyway but still I LOVE having the option of wearing what ever I'd like.

Heres just a little image of the side of my jumper as you can't really see it in the other photos. I love how it's got this distressed feel to it on both sides of the jumper, I personally think it pulls it away from your standard black knit jumper and makes it a whole lot more interesting!  

I'm also wearing a little apple necklace I was given AGES ago from one of my friends, it's so simple and sweet I just thought i'd let it make an appearance again as it hasn't for such a long time!

So me and my house mate Heli have both got the urge to get our noses pierced, I'm not sure about her but I know I've been toying with the idea for a very long time now, but I'm not quite sure if I'm brave enough to do it!
So because neither of us have enough balls to just go out and get it done we both got a fake clip on nose ring, you know just to test out the waters and all that. However it's made me want to get it even more but I know SO many people who have got it done and it's either got infected or they have regretted it and now have a small scar on their nose.

I need advise! 

Yesterdays outfit

Black shirt - H&M// Tee - H&M//Disco Pants - eBay//Shoes - Primark

I'd just like to start by pointing out and apologising about the awful photographs, I had to do them on my iPhone because I literally couldn't find my camera anywhere! But yeah hopefully it will miraculously reappear and I'll have some better quality images next time! 

Ever get one of those days where you will sit on your laptop for hours on end just looking through peoples blogs? Well I had one of those yesterday. 
Time sort of just flies by when you're lost in other peoples lives and styles don't you think?! 
Again this happened to me. So because of this I didn't actually get time to blog on what I wore to uni yesterday because I was absolutely zonked! So I've just decided to do it a day late.

So yeah this is what I wore to uni yesterday. 
It seems like I've been wearing so much black recently! (and leggings for that matter) I think it just because black goes with anything and everything, it kind of never gets old.
Also i'd just like to point out that my what looks like plain black leggings are actually disco pants but again because of the awful photograph you really wouldn't be able to tell! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins//Lace Top - H&M//Leggings - eBay//Shoes and Bag - New Look//Necklace - Topshop

So it seems I'd gone for a bit of a black on white look today, matched with quite a few gold accessories one of them of course being my gold chain necklace from Topshop that I just can't seem to stop wearing! 
I ended up going into town today because I had a day off uni, I went down for a so called 'browse' however, ended up buying yet more items of clothing, but this time they were actually needed!
 I've needed a black bag for absolutely ages as all of my bags seem to be different shades of brown, so I brought this one that you can see in my above images, I'm pretty sure you'll see this a many of my other blog posts as it'll go with almost everything! 
I also decided to buy a onesie as I'm the only one in my household who doesn't actually own one and after all it is coming up to winter so I'm going to need one for those chilly nights ahead! 
Unfortunately I'm going to post a picture of me in my onesie just yet, but you never know it could be one to watch out for! haha :)

Please excuse my horrid grannish hands but these are the rings I wore today. Both from Miss Selfridge.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Top - River Island
Necklace - Topshop
Wet look leggings - River Island
Shoes - New Look

I've never really been a fan of any animal print clothing on me, (in all fairness I didn't actually realise it's suppose to look like snake skin until I tried it on at home) however I absolutely loved this top when I saw it. Maybe now, after buying this top it can change the way I look at other animal printed clothing. Never know I may be head to toe in animal print in my next post!

This necklace is also one of my all time favourites, I brought it ages ago from Topshop but I wasn't particularly careful with it, and kept leaving it stupid places where it would get ruined, so predictably it  turned a funny bronze colour. Luckily Topshop are absolute beauts and still had them in stock so I snapped another one up. Its a definite must buy, goes with absolutely everything!

I've returned

Ok so I've definitely been pretty absent these last couple of months and I know I've said this twice already but I'm actually going to give my poor blog more attention.. and actually stick to it! 

Anyhowww I just thought i'd show you all the goodies I've brought over the past couple days with the money I don't actually have..

I'm going through this bad phase at the moment where I've got it into my head that money doesn't actually matter and it's fine to spend it on clothes, clothes and more clothes, even though i'm seriously into my overdraft.. Whoops!
I'm sure i'll snap out of it when I no longer have any food in my cupboards
Anyway these are a few of the things i've brought from a selection of high-street shops.

Grey Peplum top - Topshop
White Studded Shirt - H&M
Purple Speckled Tee - Topshop
Black Pumps - Primark
Snake Skin Top - River Island
Gold Chain - Topshop