Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins//Lace Top - H&M//Leggings - eBay//Shoes and Bag - New Look//Necklace - Topshop

So it seems I'd gone for a bit of a black on white look today, matched with quite a few gold accessories one of them of course being my gold chain necklace from Topshop that I just can't seem to stop wearing! 
I ended up going into town today because I had a day off uni, I went down for a so called 'browse' however, ended up buying yet more items of clothing, but this time they were actually needed!
 I've needed a black bag for absolutely ages as all of my bags seem to be different shades of brown, so I brought this one that you can see in my above images, I'm pretty sure you'll see this a many of my other blog posts as it'll go with almost everything! 
I also decided to buy a onesie as I'm the only one in my household who doesn't actually own one and after all it is coming up to winter so I'm going to need one for those chilly nights ahead! 
Unfortunately I'm going to post a picture of me in my onesie just yet, but you never know it could be one to watch out for! haha :)

Please excuse my horrid grannish hands but these are the rings I wore today. Both from Miss Selfridge.


  1. love how the lipstick and nail varnish gives the monochromatic look a pop of colour :) you look gorgeous xx

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  3. I love how stylish simple black and white looks together, especially with a leather jacket xx

  4. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following!! yours looks great.. cant wait to see what will come from you!


  5. love this outfit! and i've got serious hair envy over yours its such a lovely colour! :) xxx

  6. hellooo!
    i love this outfit, you look so friggin' cool! haha, that jacket is lovely.
    i'm laura and i'm follower number seventeen, yay!
    pop over an say hi sometime, it'd be lovely to hear from you!
    laura xx

  7. This outfit is gorgeous - in love with those rings! Miss Selfridge does really good jewellery xx

  8. Love your rings so much!! Looking lovely miss X

  9. love your fashion sense and blog! would you mind checking my blog out sweetie, i'm a new fashion blog! x x