Thursday, 4 October 2012

I've returned

Ok so I've definitely been pretty absent these last couple of months and I know I've said this twice already but I'm actually going to give my poor blog more attention.. and actually stick to it! 

Anyhowww I just thought i'd show you all the goodies I've brought over the past couple days with the money I don't actually have..

I'm going through this bad phase at the moment where I've got it into my head that money doesn't actually matter and it's fine to spend it on clothes, clothes and more clothes, even though i'm seriously into my overdraft.. Whoops!
I'm sure i'll snap out of it when I no longer have any food in my cupboards
Anyway these are a few of the things i've brought from a selection of high-street shops.

Grey Peplum top - Topshop
White Studded Shirt - H&M
Purple Speckled Tee - Topshop
Black Pumps - Primark
Snake Skin Top - River Island
Gold Chain - Topshop  

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  1. great purchases!

    I really like your blog and your style, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)