Saturday, 13 October 2012

Yesterdays outfit

Black shirt - H&M// Tee - H&M//Disco Pants - eBay//Shoes - Primark

I'd just like to start by pointing out and apologising about the awful photographs, I had to do them on my iPhone because I literally couldn't find my camera anywhere! But yeah hopefully it will miraculously reappear and I'll have some better quality images next time! 

Ever get one of those days where you will sit on your laptop for hours on end just looking through peoples blogs? Well I had one of those yesterday. 
Time sort of just flies by when you're lost in other peoples lives and styles don't you think?! 
Again this happened to me. So because of this I didn't actually get time to blog on what I wore to uni yesterday because I was absolutely zonked! So I've just decided to do it a day late.

So yeah this is what I wore to uni yesterday. 
It seems like I've been wearing so much black recently! (and leggings for that matter) I think it just because black goes with anything and everything, it kind of never gets old.
Also i'd just like to point out that my what looks like plain black leggings are actually disco pants but again because of the awful photograph you really wouldn't be able to tell! 

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