Monday, 22 October 2012

Jumper - H&M//Coat - eBay//Leggings - Topshop//Bag - New Look//Faux fur stole - H&M//Necklace - Topshop//Shoes - New Look

So today I was actually suppose to be at home all day doing uni work that I've been putting off since about June but surprise, surprise my plan didn't exactly follow through. I'm fully aware of the ridiculous amounts of work i've go to do but I literally have no motivation for any uni work whats so ever!!

Soooo instead I ended up going into town yet again! I swear I either spend all of my time at home, uni or in town, which really doesn't do wonders for my bank balance! 
Although this time I was actually really good and didn't buy anything for myself.. actuallllly that is a lie I did get a footlong Subway, but STILL everything else was presents for one of my house mates.

ANYWHO, this is what I wore today. Seeing as I work on the mens section in H&M I see loads more mens clothing that women's which does actually result in me buying mens clothing. 
This green jumper I'm wearing today is actually a mens jumper but it I loved the colour and the baggy fit so I had to get it, plus it was only £7.99, which I personally think is pretty good for a sweater! 


  1. Love the sweater... maybe I should start looking in the mens department!
    Also love your necklace!

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    Loving your style gurlllllll


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  4. perfect outfit, something I would definitely wear!
    Love the boots and coat! xx

  5. That jumper is such a bargain! Wow! I love every part of this outfit, and I have to point out that you are naturally beautiful! You are such a classic beauty, and I love your look too :) I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, I am definitely following you!

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