Saturday, 13 October 2012

So I still haven't found my camera! :( I suppose that's the sort of thing that happens when you put it in a 'safe place'.
So unfortunately I've got a few more bad qualtiy images to show you guys!

Jumper - New look//Shorts - Topshop//Necklace - Accessorize 

So this is what I wore to work today. 
I've got to say I do love working in H&M for many reasons but one of the main ones is that I don't have to wear any sort of uniform, which I personally think is amazing for a retail job. I mean they would quite like you to wear H&M clothing but its not strict at all, you can even wear things that have gone into the sale which I know in many other stores is a big NO NO. In all fairness though working in a retail store such as H&M and getting discount does mean that the majority of my clothes come from there anyway but still I LOVE having the option of wearing what ever I'd like.

Heres just a little image of the side of my jumper as you can't really see it in the other photos. I love how it's got this distressed feel to it on both sides of the jumper, I personally think it pulls it away from your standard black knit jumper and makes it a whole lot more interesting!  

I'm also wearing a little apple necklace I was given AGES ago from one of my friends, it's so simple and sweet I just thought i'd let it make an appearance again as it hasn't for such a long time!

So me and my house mate Heli have both got the urge to get our noses pierced, I'm not sure about her but I know I've been toying with the idea for a very long time now, but I'm not quite sure if I'm brave enough to do it!
So because neither of us have enough balls to just go out and get it done we both got a fake clip on nose ring, you know just to test out the waters and all that. However it's made me want to get it even more but I know SO many people who have got it done and it's either got infected or they have regretted it and now have a small scar on their nose.

I need advise! 


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  2. I had my nose pierced a few years ago - I don't have the piercing in anymore so it's not permanent if you don't want it to be! Just do it if you feel like it since you always have the option of getting rid of it; it heals right back up ;)

  3. p.s. I don't even have a scar - perhaps your friends were just unlucky :(

  4. thanks for the lovely comment - followed x

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  6. Go for it! Get it pierced. I had my nose pierced for a few years but then took it out about a year ago for work and there is no scar where it was. It didn't ever really get infected. Once it got a bit sore, but some spirits dabbed around it and the next day it was better. The only really painful experience was when I took it out and then tried to put it back in and the hole had started to close so I had to really force the ring in. sheesh that was so sore, but then again, i can be a bit of a baby...

  7. Go for it. Seriously. I love mine.
    I first got my right nostril pierced with a gun which is not the way you want to go about it. I've since had my other nostril done with a needle and it's my favourite piercing. I've had 12 so I know about the pain levels and honestly it's fine. It feels slightly weird when they thread the ring through and a few days after it feels as if it's bruised but it looks as normal, then it feels like you've not even had it done!
    It's completely normal if you get a little bump on it called a 'hypertrophic scar'. Just cleanse with salt rocks and hot water daily and it will be nothing to worry about.